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50 meter spool

Fine-weight strong regal-looking thread. Iridescent jewel-tone colors are wrapped around a black core. Can be stitched as is, or blended with other threads.
Order a Designer Ring (All 30 colors) - 10% discount: $74.25 (Retail: $82.50)
MMT411 - Cape Amethyst
MMT412 - Amethyst
MMT413 - Pink Opal
MMT414 - Rubasse
MMT415 - Ruby
MMT423 - White Gold Glint
MMT424 - Renaissance Gold
MMT425 - Pyrite
MMT426 - Smokey Topaz
MMT427 - Copper Leaf
MMT428 - Amber
MMT429 - Jasper
MMT437 - Sapphire
MMT438 - Lapis
MMT439 - Garnet
MMT441 - Silver Glint
MMT442 - Antique Silver
MMT452 - Green Agate
MMT457 - Malachite
MMT460 - Water Sapphire
MMT465 - Turquoise
MMT466 - Blue Zircon
MMT467 - Blue Tanzanite
MMT470 - Black Pearl
MMT480 - Regalia
MMT481 - Crown Jewels
MMT482 - Tigereye
MMT483 - Tourmaline
MMT484 - Obsidian
MMT490 - Jade
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