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We love to design custom stitch guides!

It is so exciting to get a new canvas, and we all know that deciding where to begin stitching can be challenging. There are so many threads and stitches from which to choose? Let us help! Here at Fireside we have extensive experience and knowledge working with the largest variety of threads and stitches available. Custom stitch guides are our specialty and over the years we have produced many hundreds for very happy customers. Fireside stitch guides free with the purchase of the threads called for in the guide. This is because thread choice is a critical component of each guide. Purchase of the canvas is optional (you may already own the canvas). Our guides are either hand written or typed. They include thread and stitch selections for every area of the painted canvas design. Charts for most stitches are in The Needlepoint Book, 2nd Edition, by Jo Ippolito Christensen. We include our own charts for any stitches not in The Needlepoint Book.

Here is how to order one of our great Fireside guides:

If you are purchasing a canvas:
• Go to the Hand Painted Canvas section of our website
• Pick your canvas
• Click the option "pull threads and create a free stitch guide"
• Use the "special instructions" section in the checkout cart to specify any thread/stitch preferences you may have.

If you have a canvas and want to see if there is a Fireside stitch guide available:
• Go to the Stitch Guide section of our website.
• Use the search function to look for your canvas
• When you find your canvas, click the option "order free guide and threads"

If you have a canvas and don't see it listed in the Fireside Stitch Guide section:
• Contact us - we will gladly create a guide for any canvas you have!

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.





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