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Here is a list of threads available at Fireside Stitchery.
Click on the thread name to see a list of the thread's colors.
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A (go to top of page)
Accentuate    {Metallic}
Alabaster    {Metallic}
Alpaca 18    {Wool}
Alpaca Petite    {Wool}
Arctic Rays    {Specialty Thread}

B (go to top of page)
Bella Lusso    {Wool}
Bijoux    {Metallic}
Boucle - Shaded Colors    {Rayon}
Boucle - Solid Colors    {Rayon}
Boucle - Variegated    {Rayon}
Burmilana    {Specialty Thread}

C (go to top of page)
Capri 13    {Specialty Thread}
Capri 18    {Specialty Thread}
Classic Colorworks Silk    {Silk}
Crystal Braid    {Metallic}

D (go to top of page)
Dinky-dyes Stranded Silk Threads    {Silk}
DMC #3 Perle Cotton    {Cotton}
DMC #5 Perle Cotton    {Cotton}
DMC Color Variations #5 Pearl Cotton    {Multicolored Cotton}
DMC Color Variations Floss    {Multicolored Cotton}
DMC Embroidery Floss    {Cotton}
DMC Laine Colbert Tapestry Wool (small Skein)    {Wool}
DMC Satin Floss    {Rayon}

E (go to top of page)
Elegance    {Silk}
Entice    {Specialty Thread}
Eyelash    {Specialty Thread}

F (go to top of page)
Facets    {Couching and Applique}
Flair    {Nylon}
Floche    {Cotton}
Fluffy Fleece    {Couching and Applique}
Frosty Rays    {Nylon}
Fuzzy Stuff    {Specialty Thread}
Fyre Werks    {Metallic}
Fyre Werks Soft Sheen    {Metallic}

G (go to top of page)
Glisten    {Specialty Thread}
Grandeur    {Silk}

I (go to top of page)
Impressions    {Silk and Wool Blend}

K (go to top of page)
Kreinik #16 Wired Braid    {Kreinik Metallic}
Kreinik Braids (#12 Tapestry Braid)    {Kreinik Metallic}
Kreinik Braids (#16 Medium Braid)    {Kreinik Metallic}
Kreinik Braids (#4 Very Fine Braid)    {Kreinik Metallic}
Kreinik Braids (#8 Fine Braid)    {Kreinik Metallic}
Kreinik Ribbons (1/16'')    {Kreinik Metallic}

M (go to top of page)
Mandarin Floss    {Specialty Thread}
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 1/8"    {Couching and Applique}
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 12    {Couching and Applique}
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 16    {Couching and Applique}
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 20    {Couching and Applique}
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 3/16"    {Couching and Applique}

N (go to top of page)
Neon Rays    {Rayon}
Neon Rays +    {Specialty Thread}
Nordic Gold - Discontinued    {Metallic}

P (go to top of page)
Panache    {Rayon}
Patina    {Rayon}
Pepper Pot Silk    {Silk}
Petite Facets    {Couching and Applique}
Petite Frosty Rays    {Nylon}
Petite Silk Lame' Braid For 18 Ct    {Silk}
Petite Sparkle Rays    {Specialty Thread}
Planet Earth 8-ply Silk - Solid    {Silk}
Planet Earth Silk    {Silk}
Poppies    {Silk and Wool Blend}

R (go to top of page)
Rainbow Angora    {Wool}
Rainbow Linen    {Linen}
Ribbonfloss Metallic    {Metallic}
Ribbonfloss Shimmerblend    {Specialty Thread}
River Silks Solid Silk Ribbon (4mm)    {Silk Ribbon}
River Silks Solid Silk Ribbon (7mm)    {Silk Ribbon}
River Silks Variegated Silk Ribbon (4mm)    {Silk Ribbon}
River Silks Variegated Silk Ribbon (7mm)    {Silk Ribbon}

S (go to top of page)
Sampler Threads Overdyed Floss    {Multicolored Cotton}
Silk & Ivory    {Silk and Wool Blend}
Silk & Ivory - Full Hank    {Silk and Wool Blend}
Silk & Ivory - Half Hank    {Silk and Wool Blend}
Silk Lame Braid For 13ct    {Specialty Thread}
Silk Lame' Braid For 18ct    {Specialty Thread}
Soie Cristale    {Silk}
Soie D'alger (hank)    {Silk}
Soie D'alger (skein)    {Silk}
Soy Luster Shadow Colors    {Specialty Thread}
Soy Luster Solid Colors    {Specialty Thread}
Sparkle Rays    {Specialty Thread}
Splendor    {Silk}
Splendor Collection    {Silk}
Stars    {Silk}
Straw Silk - Overdyed    {Specialty Thread}
Straw Silk - Solid Colors    {Specialty Thread}
Super-suede    {Specialty Thread}

T (go to top of page)
Threadworx Artisan Dyed By Soie D'alger    {Silk}
Threadworx Overdyed Floss    {Multicolored Cotton}
Treasure Braid Petite    {Metallic}
Tulips    {Wool}

V (go to top of page)
Very Velvet    {Specialty Thread}
Very Velvet Petite    {Specialty Thread}
Vineyard Silk - Classic    {Silk}

W (go to top of page)
Water 'n Ice    {Nylon}
Watercolours    {Multicolored Cotton}
Waterlilies    {Silk}
Waverly Wool    {Wool}
Waverly Wool - Hank    {Wool}
Weeks Dye Works Overdyed Floss (6 Ply)    {Multicolored Cotton}
Wildflowers    {Multicolored Cotton}
Winter    {Metallic}
Winter - hank    {Metallic}
Wisper    {Specialty Thread}

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