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Enter any part of a Thread name, description or color, then click on Search.

Whenever possible we list color names for the threads. However, even with a name, it can be challenging to imagine the thread color. To help you to make the best choices for your needlework, Thread Color Cards are available for many threads.

Unless otherwise noted, these Color Cards are made with actual thread samples. They are excellent references for selecting colors for your next project. New color cards are always being developed. If you do not see one listed for your favorite thread, please ask.
To see a list of colors, click on the thread name. To see more information, click on the description.

Couching and Applique

Thread Name Description Price Unit Color Count
Facets Polyester Metallic $3.70  2.5 meter  7
Fluffy Fleece 65% Alpaca, 32% Wool, 3% Nylon $3.00  3 yard card  3
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 1/8" Soft Twisted Metallic Cord $10.50  2 Meter Pack  3
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 12 Soft Twisted Metallic Cord $3.70  1 Meter Pack  6
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 16 Soft Twisted Metallic Cord $2.65  1 Meter Pack  8
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 20 Soft Twisted Metallic Cord $7.15  5 meter skein  4
Metallic Soft Twist Cord Size 3/16" 3/116" ddiameter metallic ocrd $12.60  2 meter  20
Painter's 6mm Ric Rac trim Ric Rac with silver woven in $17.85  5 yards  40
Painter's Rayon and Metallic Gimp - Snail Trim Rayon and Metallic Gimp $17.85  2m  30
Painter's Rayon Gimp Rayon wrapped around a cotton core $12.10  15m skein  30
Petite Facets Polyester Metallic $3.00  3 meter skein  7
Soie Chenille 100% Silk $6.80  3 yard box  21
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