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Petite Frosty Rays
6 yard card

Thinner version of Frosty Rays Colors match original Frosty Rays. Great for Basketweave or smaller stitches on 18 count and for snow, ice and water. A dazzling accent in geometric pieces.
Order a Designer Ring (All 118 colors) - 10% discount: $440.73 (Retail: $489.70)
PY001 - Sand Gloss
PY004 - Fawn Gloss
PY013 - Baby Pink Gloss
PY017 - Fuchsia Gloss
PY019 - Black Sparkle Gloss
PY020 - Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
PY021 - Black Multi Gloss
PY022 - Aqua Gloss
PY023 - Dark Waters Gloss
PY024 - Turquoise Gloss
PY025 - Lite Sea Green Gloss
PY026 - Christmas Green Gloss
PY027 - Sea Green Gloss
PY028 - Dark Aqua Gloss
PY029 - Deep Sea Green Gloss
PY031 - Lite Blue Blush Gloss
PY032 - Lite Antique Blue Gloss
PY036 - Dark Sapphire Gloss
PY040 - Medium Blue Gloss
PY042 - Dark Blue Gloss
PY043 - Very Dark Blue Gloss
PY045 - Dark Antique Blue Gloss
PY051 - Gray Blush Gloss
PY053 - Medium Periwinkle Gloss
PY054 - Dark Periwinkle Gloss
PY057 - Dark Purple Gloss
PY060 - Lite Tan Gloss
PY061 - Yellow Gloss
PY062 - Golden Tan Gloss
PY063 - Medium Tan Gloss
PY064 - Copper Gloss
PY066 - Bronze Gloss
PY069 - Black Gloss
PY070 - Black Gold Gloss
PY071 - Christmas Red Gloss
PY072 - Dark Red Gloss
PY076 - Violet Gloss
PY080 - Red Violet Gloss
PY081 - Grass Green Gloss
PY083 - Medium Christmas Green Gloss
PY084 - Med. Olive Green Gloss
PY085 - Green Gloss
PY086 - Dk. Olive Green Gloss
PY087 - Very Dark Olive Green Gloss
PY094 - Medium Orange Gloss
PY095 - Orange Gloss
PY101 - Brite Yellow Pearl
PY102 - Yellow Pearl
PY103 - Ecru Pearl
PY104 - Golden Yellow Pearl
PY106 - Pale Pink Pearl
PY109 - Baby Pink Pearl
PY151 - Lite Tan Pearl
PY153 - Old Gold Pearl
PY189 - Blue Blush Pearl
PY201 - Pale Gold Ice
PY203 - Silver Ice
PY217 - White Pearl Ice
PY218 - Gold Ice
PY318 - Midnight Red Gloss
PY334 - Rose Gloss
PY343 - American Beauty Gloss
PY344 - Wild Rose Gloss
PY345 - Dark Christmas Green Gloss
PY354 - Violet Sparkle Gloss
PY361 - Very Dark Pewter Gloss
PY367 - Midnight Blue Gloss
PY368 - Pumpkin Gloss
PY369 - Lite Pumpkin Gloss
PY370 - Royal Blue Gloss
PY371 - Black Silver Gloss
PY372 - Lite Red Violet Gloss
PY373 - Lite Green Gloss
PY374 - Burgundy Gloss
PY375 - Dark Burgundy Gloss
PY376 - Dark Pumpkin Gloss
PY377 - Dark Royal Blue Gloss
PY378 - Ruby Red Gloss
PY379 - Delft
PY380 - Bright Blue
PY381 - Nite Sky Blue Gloss
PY382 - 24 Karat Gold
PY383 - Royal Purple
PY384 - Lite Olive Green
PY385 - Raspberry
PY386 - Mardi Gras
PY387 - Fuchsia Swirl
PY388 - Winter Blue Ice
PY389 - Lime Green
PY401 - Lite Blue Multi Gloss
PY402 - Pastel Pink Gloss
PY403 - Lite Icy Blue
PY404 - Icy Blue
PY405 - Autumn Orange
PY406 - New Copper
PY407 - Old Copper
PY408 - Lagoon
PY409 - Scarlet
PY410 - Lite Periwinkle
PY411 - Dark Periwinkle
PY412 - Black Cherry
PY413 - Orange Pop
PY414 - Awesome Gold
PY415 - Aqua Splash
PY416 - Orchid Ice
PY417 - Lavender Ice
PY418 - Persian Violet
PY419 - Deep Dark Periwinkle
PY420 - Razzberry
PY421 - Limoncello
PY422 - Kiwi Kissed
PY423 - Caribbean Sea
PY424 - Azure
PY425 - Lily Pad
PY426 - High Tide
PY427 - Melon
PY428 - Tinsel
PY429 - Phantom
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