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Water 'n Ice
10 yard card

Loosely woven translucent ribbon with a frosty reflective shine. Long laid stitches on painted canvas allow the underlying canvas paint color to show through. Great for misty effects, flames, water, snow, ice and realistic looking windows.
Order a Designer Ring (All 18 colors) - 10% discount: $82.62 (Retail: $91.80)
WT01 - Translucent
WT02 - Water Blue
WT03 - Flame Yellow
WT04 - Flame Orange
WT05 - Flame Red
WT06 - Flame Dark Red
WT07 - Pink
WT08 - Pale Yellow
WT09 - Deep Navy
WT10 - Black
WT11 - Christmas Red
WT12 - Pearl Ice
WT13 - Aqua
WT14 - Ocean
WT15 - Rain Gray
WT16 - Taupe
WT17 - Barely Rose
WT18 - Pine Green
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