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Soie Chenille
3 yard box

A silky thread with a plush feel and the elegant look of fine velvet. Colors are dyed to match Soie d'Alger, making that strandable silk an excellent choice of thread to use for couching down the Soie Chenille. Try using this thread for a fluffy animal tail or the fur trim on a coat.
SCH 0131
SCH 0621
SCH 0945
SCH 1441
SCH 1834
SCH 2123
SCH 2124
SCH 2126
SCH 2915
SCH 2916
SCH 2941
SCH 3221
SCH 3224
SCH 3226
SCH 3333
SCH 3341
SCH 3413
SCH 3811
SCH 4534
SCH Blanc
SCH Noir
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