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Rainbow Tweed
10 yard card

4-strand thread with a soft heathery look. Great for skies, mountains and greenery. Try dividing into individual strands and blending with other threads.
Order a Designer Ring (All 41 colors) - 10% discount: $88.56 (Retail: $98.40)
RT01 - Ecru
RT15 - Denim
RT30 - Baby Pink
RT02 - Medium Shell Gray
RT17 - Blue
RT31 - Lite Rose
RT03 - Dark Shell Gray
RT18 - Pale Aqua
RT32 - Rose
RT04 - Charcoal Gray
RT19 - Dark Aqua
RT33 - Dark Christmas Red
RT05 - Pink
RT20 - Yellow
RT34 - Mahogany
RT06 - Red
RT21 - Violet
RT35 - Dark Brown
RT07 - Fuchsia
RT22 - Pale Mauve
RT37 - Lite Olive
RT08 - Raspberry
RT23 - Mauve
RT38 - Olive
RT09 - Baby Green
RT24 - Dark Mauve
RT39 - Pumpkin
RT10 - Leaf Green
RT25 - Seafoam
RT40 - Nutmeg
RT11 - Tan
RT26 - Sea Green
RT41 - Gray
RT12 - Dark Tan
RT27 - Christmas Green
RT42 - Maroon
RT13 - Terra Cotta
RT28 - Dark Green
RT69 - Slate Blue
RT14 - Periwinkle
RT29 - Midnight
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