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DMC Satin Floss
8 meter skein

Thanks to a silky softness, DMC Satin Floss gives a wonderful brightness to all your needlework. Works just like DMC cotton floss, comes in many of the same colors. DMC floss and Satin color numbers match, just add an "S" before Satin color numbers.
Order a Designer Ring (All 60 colors) - 10% discount: $62.10 (Retail: $69.00)
S211 - Light Lavender
S307 - Lemon
S310 - Black
S321 - Red
S326 - Very Dark Rose
S336 - Navy Blue
S3371 - Black Brown
S351 - Coral
S352 - Light Coral
S3607 - Light Plum
S367 - Dark Pistachio Grenn
S3685 - Very Dark Mauve
S3820 - Dark Straw
S414 - Dark Steel Gray
S415 - Pearl Gray
S434 - Light Brown
S469 - Avocado Green
S471 - Very Light Avocado Green
S472 - Ultra Light Avocado Green
S501 - Dark Blue Green
S504 - Very Light Blue Green
S5200 - Snow White
S550 - Very Dark Violet
S552 - Medium Violet
S553 - Violet
S601 - Dark Cranberry
S602 - Medium Cranberry
S606 - Bright Orange-Red
S666 - Bright Red
S676 - Light Old Gold
S700 - Bright Green
S702 - Kelly Green
S712 - Cream
S726 - Light Topaz
S738 - Very Light Tan
S739 - Ultra Very Light Tan
S741 - Medium Tangerine
S744 - Pale Yellow
S745 - Light Pale Yellow
S762 - Very Light Pearl Gray
S776 - Medium Pink
S797 - Royal Blue
S798 - Dark Delft Blue
S799 - Medium Delft Blue
S800 - Pale Delft Blue
S818 - Baby Pink
S820 - Very Dark Royal Purple
S841 - Light Beige Brown
S898 - Very Dark Coffee Brown
S899 - Medium Rose
S909 - Very Dark Emerald Green
S915 - Dark Plum
S931 - Medium Antique Blue
S932 - Light Antique Blue
S943 - Medium Aquamarine
S959 - Medium Seagreen
S964 - Light Seagreen
S976 - Medium Gold Brown
S991 - Dark Aquamarine
S995 - Dark Electric Blue
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