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Frosty Rays
5 yard card

Made by threading Tiara (a fine metallic thread) through the tubular thread Flair. Great for snow, ice and water. Makes a dazzling accent in geometric pieces. Works best on 12 to 14 count canvas or on 18 count using long stitches. Frosty Rays Gloss Colors - Flair colors with Tiara color metallic core. Frosty Rays Pearl Colors - Flair colors with White Tiara metallic core. Frosty Rays: Icy Colors - White Flair with Tiara color metallic core.
Order a Designer Ring (All 206 colors) - 10% discount: $778.68 (Retail: $865.20)
Y001 - Sand Gloss
Y002 - Golden Gray Gloss
Y003 - Lite Fawn Gloss
Y004 - Fawn Gloss
Y005 - Pale Pink Gloss
Y007 - Rose Peach Gloss
Y010 - Rose Pink Gloss
Y012 - Passionate Purple Gloss
Y013 - Baby Pink Gloss
Y014 - Silver Pink Gloss
Y015 - Lite Antique Mauve Gloss
Y017 - Fuchsia Gloss
Y018 - Pale Fuchsia Gloss
Y019 - Black Sparkle Gloss
Y020 - Dk. Antique Mauve Gloss
Y021 - Black Multi Gloss
Y022 - Aqua Gloss
Y023 - Dark Waters Gloss
Y024 - Turquoise Gloss
Y025 - Lite Sea Green Gloss
Y026 - Christmas Green Gloss
Y027 - Sea Green Gloss
Y028 - Dark Aqua Gloss
Y029 - Deep Sea Green Gloss
Y030 - Pale Antique Blue Gloss
Y031 - Lite Blue Blush Gloss
Y032 - Lite Antique Blue Gloss
Y033 - Pale Sapphire Gloss
Y034 - Lite Sapphire Gloss
Y035 - Medium Sapphire Gloss
Y036 - Dark Sapphire Gloss
Y038 - Aqua Shimmer Gloss
Y040 - Medium Blue Gloss
Y042 - Dark Blue Gloss
Y043 - Very Dark Blue Gloss
Y045 - Dark Antique Blue Gloss
Y046 - Midnight Blue Gloss
Y047 - Lite Blue Gloss
Y048 - Sky Blue Gloss
Y049 - Pale Silver Aqua Gloss
Y050 - Antique Blue Gloss
Y051 - Gray Blush Gloss
Y052 - Pale Periwinkle Gloss
Y053 - Medium Periwinkle Gloss
Y054 - Dark Periwinkle Gloss
Y055 - Lavender Gloss
Y056 - Medium Purple Gloss
Y057 - Dark Purple Gloss
Y058 - Yellow Gold Gloss
Y059 - Golden Yellow Gloss
Y060 - Lite Tan Gloss
Y061 - Yellow Gloss
Y062 - Golden Tan Gloss
Y063 - Medium Tan Gloss
Y064 - Copper Gloss
Y065 - Golden Brown Gloss
Y066 - Bronze Gloss
Y067 - Brown Sparkle Gloss
Y068 - Dark Peach Gloss
Y069 - Black Gloss
Y070 - Black Gold Gloss
Y071 - Christmas Red Gloss
Y072 - Dark Red Gloss
Y073 - Pale Antique Violet Gloss
Y075 - Pale Gray Gloss
Y076 - Violet Gloss
Y077 - Lite Violet Gloss
Y079 - Antique Violet Gloss
Y080 - Red Violet Gloss
Y081 - Grass Green Gloss
Y082 - Light Christmas Green Gloss
Y083 - Medium Christmas Green Gloss
Y084 - Medium Olive Green Gloss
Y085 - Green Gloss
Y086 - Dark Olive Green Gloss
Y087 - Very Dark Olive Green Gloss
Y088 - Yellow Sparkle Gloss
Y089 - Sea Green Gloss
Y090 - Green Sparkle Gloss
Y091 - Midnight Green Gloss
Y094 - Medium Orange Gloss
Y095 - Orange Gloss
Y096 - Silver Blue Blush Gloss
Y097 - Brown Sparkle Gloss
Y098 - Brown Gloss
Y099 - Silver Pink Blush Gloss
Y101 - Bright Yellow Pearl
Y102 - Yellow Pearl
Y103 - Ecru Pearl
Y104 - Golden Yellow Pearl
Y105 - Eggshell Pearl
Y106 - Pale Pink Pearl
Y107 - Lite Rose Pink Pearl
Y108 - Rose Pink Pearl
Y109 - Baby Pink Pearl
Y110 - Lite Antique Mauve Pearl
Y111 - Antique Mauve Pearl
Y112 - Fuchsia Pearl
Y117 - Pale Antique Violet Pearl
Y118 - Violet Pearl
Y119 - Antique Violet Pearl
Y121 - Pale Violet Pearl
Y124 - Pink Blush Pearl
Y125 - Pale Peach Pearl
Y127 - Dark Peach Pearl
Y128 - Very Dark Peach Pearl
Y130 - Orange Pearl
Y134 - Grass Green Pearl
Y136 - Lite Sea Green Pearl
Y137 - Pale Sea Green Pearl
Y147 - Aqua Pearl
Y148 - Pale Aqua Pearl
Y150 - Lite Fawn Pearl
Y151 - Lite Tan Pearl
Y153 - Old Gold Pearl
Y160 - Lite Blue Pearl
Y165 - Pale Sapphire Pearl
Y170 - Pale Periwinkle Pearl
Y171 - Medium Periwinkle Pearl
Y172 - Dark Periwinkle Pearl
Y189 - Blue Blush Pearl
Y190 - Gray Blush Pearl
Y191 - Pale Gray Pearl
Y193 - Dark Gray Pearl
Y194 - Rose Pearl
Y201 - Pale Gold Ice
Y203 - Silver Ice
Y208 - Multi Black Ice
Y209 - Multi Blue Ice
Y210 - Medium Blue Ice
Y213 - Turquoise Ice
Y216 - Purple Ice
Y217 - White Pearl Ice
Y218 - Gold Ice
Y219 - Peach Ice
Y220 - Pale Blue Ice
Y221 - Lilac Ice
Y222 - Violet Ice
Y223 - Pink Ice
Y225 - Gray Ice
Y228 - Watery Blue Ice
Y310 - Lite Ash Rose Gloss
Y311 - Ash Rose Gloss
Y312 - Dark Ash Rose Gloss
Y318 - Midnight Red Gloss
Y320 - Pale Rose Violet Gloss
Y321 - Rose Violet Gloss
Y322 - Deep Rose Violet Gloss
Y328 - Lite Cranberry Gloss
Y329 - Cranberry Gloss
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