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20 yard card

Twisted silk thread with soft luster. Comparable in size to a #8 perle cotton. Dyed to match some colors of Splendor, Grandeur, and Subtlety. For best results, use shorter lengths and maintain the twist as you stitch.
Order a Designer Ring (All 65 colors) - 10% discount: $204.75 (Retail: $227.50)
E0800 - Cool White
E0830 - Lite Sea Green
E0904 - Dark Golden Brown
E0801 - Black
E0831 - Forest Green
E0905 - Lt Pistachio Green
E0802 - White
E0832 - Dark Green
E0907 - Dk Pistachio Green
E0804 - Champagne
E0836 - Dark Forest Green
E0913 - Shell Pink
E0805 - Pale Pink
E0837 - Sea Green
E0915 - Antique Blue
E0808 - Medium Purple
E0840 - Camel
E0916 - Dark Antique Blue
E0809 - Dark Purple
E0844 - Dark Fawn
E0922 - Electric Blue
E0811 - Lavender
E0848 - Olive
E0923 - Med Dark Flesh
E0812 - Dark Lavender
E0853 - Dark Brown
E0930 - Lite Pearl Gray
E0813 - Rose Pink
E0855 - Blue Blush
E0932 - Lite Blue Violet
E0814 - Rose
E0858 - Medium Navy
E0935 - Lite Amethyst
E0815 - Flesh
E0860 - Lite Sky Blue
E0936 - Medium Amethyst
E0816 - Pink
E0862 - Dark Wedgwood
E0953 - Med Ant. Mauve
E0817 - Pumpkin
E0864 - Dark Periwinkle
E0960 - Lite Raspberry
E0818 - Peach
E0877 - Gold
E0983 - Pale Olive
E0820 - Ruby Red
E0880 - Teal
E1005 - Cranberry
E0821 - Medium Red
E0884 - Baby Pink
E1044 - Deep Aqua
E0822 - Dark Red
E0888 - Charcoal Gray
E1105 - Neon Green
E0823 - Lite Antique Mauve
E0891 - Smoke Gray
E1119 - Lightest Electric Blue
E0824 - Antique Mauve
E0899 - Dark Ecru
E1134 - Dark Orchid
E0827 - Dark Burgundy
E0900 - Pale Beige
E1138 - Brite Orange Red
E0829 - Christmas Green
E0901 - Pale Golden Brown
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