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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As of 7/1/2022 to help us optimize eBay sales, do not send, as we will not list the following items:
    • Cross Stitch Magazines older than 5 years
    • Books older than 10 years
    • Unlabeled 3 ply Persian or Tapestry wool
    • Unlabeled or mostly used Needlepoint or Cross Stitch threads, particularly 6 ply cotton floss
    • Knitting yarn from Hobby Lobby, Walmart or any "Big Box" store
    • Unlabeled knitting yarn
    • Finished pillow, or framed needlework of any kind
    • Wooden Stands of any type
    • Large plastic thread storage boxes
    • Any non-Needlework items
    • Quilt batting or pillow forms
    • Any dirty / faded / broken items

  2. Is the 80/20 credit good for finishing costs, stitching clubs, or monthly thread club or just retail items in the store?
    • The 80/20 Credit is good for all purchases from Fireside Stitchery, this includes the items listed in the question.

  3. Do you sell 'opened' skeins?
    • Yes.

  4. What happens if your items don't sell?
    • We have found that very few items do not sell. This is because we start all our auctions at 99 cents. This seems to generate the most excitement among the eBay buyers. However, if there is a no sale we have 3 options:
      1. Return the item to the customer, (customer pasy shipping).
      2. Donate to charity.
      3. Dispose of the item.
      FYI. Most of the no sales are Cross-Stitch charts or books. To sell, these items have to be bundled 3-10 in a lot and be of a related topic, i.e. alphabets or flowers.
    • Sellers must tell us when delivering their itmes for sale that they wand unsold items returned, we automatically donate or dispose of unsold items.

  5. What about Copyright?
    • We sell only original charts and class materials.
    • Copies / loose pages from magazines and books will not be accepted.
    • All copies in violation of author copyright will not be sold.
    • We reserve the right to remove / not sell any items we believe violate copyright.

  6. What about framed pieces?
    • We do not sell framed pieces with or without glass.
    • We do not sell frames.

  7. Do you sell furniture and stands?
    • We do not sell furniture.
    • We do not sell floor stands. We sell small lap and table stands.

  8. Do you sell non-needlework related items?
    • No. All non-needlework related items will not be accepted or sold.

  9. What books and magazines do you accept?
    • We accept magazines published within the last 5 years, and books published within the last 10 years.

  10. How do I receive my contract and inventory list?
    • Your contract and inventory list will be emailed to you. So, please include your email address with your package and contact information.

  11. How soon will I receive my contact and inventory list via email?
    • As of 10/2018 we are running 3 months from receipt of items to sending inventory and contact via email.

  12. How soon will my items list on eBay?
    • As of 10/2018 we are running 6 months from receipt of items to start of listing on ebay.

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