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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On the 80/20 is the credit good for finishing costs, stitching clubs, or monthly thread club or just retail items in the store?
    • The 80/20 Credit is good for all purchases from Fireside Stitchery, this includes the items listed in the question.

  2. Do you want 'opened' skeins or only those which are intact?
    • Only unused, unopened, intact skeins of threads will be accepted.

  3. What happens if your items don't sell?
    • We have found that very few items do not sell. So far, we've had a 0.2% no sale rate. This is because we start all our auctions at 99 cents. This seems to generate the most excitement among the eBay buyers. However, if there is a no sale we have 3 options:
      1. Return the item to the customer, (they pay shipping).
      2. Combine the item with a similar item of the customers that has not yet been auctioned.
      3. Dispose of the item.
      FYI. Most of the no sales are Cross-Stitch charts or books. To sell, these items have to be bundled 3-10 in a lot and be of a related topic, ie. alphabets or flowers.

  4. What about Copyright?
    • We sell only original charts and class materials.
    • Copies / loose pages from magazines and books will not be accepted.
    • All copies in violation of author copyright will not be sold.
    • We reserve the right to remove / not sell any items we believe violate copyright.

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