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Color, Design

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Price: $59.95 
Book Title: A New Look at Color for Embroidery 
Author: Mary D. Shipp 
Publisher: Stitches by Shipp 
Description: A revised edition of the 1996 book which related the theory of color to the art of embroidery. 
CoverType: paper 
Pages: 177 

Price: $49.95 
Book Title: Color for Embroidery 
Author: Mary D. Shipp 
Publisher: Stitches by Shipp 
Description: The author explains in her introduction that this book “was written specifically for those stitchers who want to learn more about color.” It is full of detailed information on color theory and the history of color. Learn the fundamentals of good design, and how to change a color scheme when stitching a piece. A wealth of knowledge to help stitchers apply the theories of color to the art of embroidery. 
CoverType: paper 
Pages: 130 

Price: $185.00 
Book Title: Color Selection Guide for Au Ver A Soie Soie d’Alger 
Author: Lamora Lucia Haidor 
Publisher: Access Commodities 
Description: A great reference for anyone interested in color, this binder contains a Soie d’Alger color card organized by color families. Great for chaging colors, converting between threads, and designing. 
CoverType: hard 
Pages: 27 

Price: $45.00 
Book Title: Colorful Backgrounds 
Author: June McKnight 
Publisher: Self Published 
Description: Learn how to bring those canvases to life with suggestions for background patterns, color combinations, and special effects that are perfectly suited to your creative needs. 
CoverType: paper 
Pages: 190 

Price: $24.95 
Book Title: ColorWorks: The Crafter's Guide to Color 
Author: Deb Menz 
Publisher: Interweave Press 
Description: This book is a practical, hands-on tool for understanding and using color in nine crafts including hand embroidery, machine embroidery, beading, quilting, knitting, spinning, weaving, surface design and paper collage. Clear explanations along with examples and over 270 hand-crafted swatches bring color palletes to life. A 32-page interactive section features a pull-out color wheel, 2 color value scales, and perforated hue cards. This book is a real find for anyone interested in learning about color. 
CoverType: hard 
Pages: 115 

Price: $46.50 
Book Title: Design for Embroidery 
Author: Mary D. Shipp 
Description: A great book for the up and coming designer. This book discusses embroidery as an art form. The first section considers the individual elements of design. The second section covers the principles of design. Section three, Design Practice, offers practical suggestions for designing embroidery using the elements and principles of design. Section four includes the glossary, definitions, and tools for design. 
CoverType: paper 
Pages: 146 

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Pictures per page: 6.
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