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You are doing the “happy dance” because you’ve just completed one of your stitching projects!
Now, it is time to decide how you want it finished.

We have creative finishers who have perfect ideas of how show your project at its best! Whether it’s pillows, coasters, ornaments, stand-ups, picture frames, stockings, bell-pulls, brick covers, eyeglass cases, cell phone cases or 3-dimensional figures, we do it all, and more!

We also have terrific finishers for wearable needle art (belts*, shoes, sandals, purses, yarmulke, Tallis and Tallit bags) and oriental designs (fans and kimonos of all sizes).

*If you are about to start a belt and have questions about stitching extra rows for finishing -- please call and speak to our Finishing Coordinator, Janet - (800) 531-2607.

To ship a piece to us for finishing, please do the following:
• Wrap it in plastic so it is watertight
• Cushion it well
• Insure the package for the appropriate amount

Finishing Deadline

Christmas 2022, all items must be in the shop:
• Stockings & pillows: Sunday, May 15
• Ornaments: Sunday, June 12

No rush jobs are available.
All finishing will be processed in the order it was received.

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