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Very Velvet

Each month you receive 8 cards each of Very Velvet. (Retail value - $30.80)
Price per Month: $24.65  

Parts of the Club

Issue 1 
Price: $23.70 
V201, V202, V203, V204, V205, V206, V207, V208 

Issue 2 
Price: $23.70 
V209, V210, V211, V212, V213, V214, V215, V217 

Issue 3 
Price: $23.70 
V217, V218, V219, V220, V221, V222, V223, V224 

Issue 4 
Price: $23.70 
V225 + 7 more 

Issue 5 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V217, V218, V219, V220 Petite Very Velvet V617, V618, V619, V620 

  Issue 6 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V221, V222, V223, V224 Petite Very Velvet V621, V622, V623, V624 

  Issue 7 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V225, V226, V227, V228 Petite Very Velvet V625, V626, V627, V628 

  Issue 8 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V229, V230, V231, V232 Petite Very Velvet V629, V630, V631, V632 

  Issue 9 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V233, V234, V235, V236 Petite Very Velvet V633, V6364, V635, V636 

  Issue 10 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V237, V238, V239, V240 Petite Very Velvet V637, V638, V639, V640 

  Issue 11 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V241, V242, V243, V244 Petite Very Velvet V641, V642, V643, V644 

  Issue 12 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V245, V246, V247, V248 Petite Very Velvet V645, V646, V647, V648 

  Issue 13 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V249, V250, V251, V252 Petite Very Velvet V649, V650, V651, V652 

  Issue 14 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V253, V254, V255, V256 Petite Very Velvet V653, V654, V655, V656 

  Issue 15 
Price: $22.00 
Very Velvet V257, V258, V259, V260 Petite Very Velvet V657, V658, V659, V660 

  Issue 16 
Price: $17.00 
Petite Very Velvet V261, V262, V263, V264 Very Velvet V661, V662, V663, V664 

  Issue 17 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V265, V266, V267, V268 Very Velvet V665, V666, V667, V668 

Issue 18 
Price: $23.70 
Petite Very Velvet V669, V670, V671, V672 Very Velvet V269, V270, V271, V272 

  Month 19 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V673, V674,V675,V676 Very Velvet V273, V274,V275,V276 

  Month 20 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V677, V678, V679, V680 Very Velvet V277, V278, V279, V280 

  Month 21 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V681, V682, V800, V801, V802 Very Velvet V281, V282, V400, V401, V402 

  Month 22 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V803, V804, V805, V806 Very Velvet V403, V404, V405, V406 

  Month 23 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V807, V808, V809, V810 Very Velvet V407, V408, V409, V410 

  Month 24 
Price: $22.00 
Petite Very Velvet V811, V812, V813, V814, V815, V816, Very Velvet V411, V412, V413, V414, V415, V416 

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