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Neon Rays+

Each month receive 6 cards of Neon Rays+. (Retail value - $27.90)
Price per Month: $22.30  

Parts of the Club

Month 1 
Price: $22.30 
NP01, NP02, NP03, NP04, NP06, NP07 

Month 2 
Price: $22.30 
NP05, NP08, NP09, NP10, NP11, NP12 

Month 3 
Price: $22.30 
NP14, NP15, NP16, NP17, NP19, NP20 

Month 4 
Price: $22.30 
NP21, NP22, NP25, NP26, NP30, NP31 

Month 5 
Price: $22.30 
NP32, NP33, NP37, NP43, NP51, NP53 

Month 6 
Price: $22.30 
NP54, NP55, NP56, NP59, NP61, NP62 

Month 7 
Price: $22.30 
NP63, NP64, NP67, NP68, NP69, NP73 

Month 8 
Price: $22.30 
NP74, NP79, NP80, NP81, NP83, NP85 

Month 9 
Price: $22.30 
NP92, NP95, NP98, NP100, NP101, NP102 

Month 10 
Price: $22.30 
NP103, NP105, NP107, NP108, NP112, NP116 

Month 11 
Price: $22.30 
NP118, NP120, NP122, NP130, NP133, NP134 

Month 12 
Price: $22.30 
NP135, NP136, NP137, NP138, NP139, NP140 

Month 13 
Price: $22.30 
NP141, NP142, NP143, NP144, NP145, NP146 

Month 14 
Price: $22.30 
NP147, NP148, NP149, NP201, NP202, NP209 

Month 15 
Price: $22.30 
NP219, NP278, NP279, NP280, NP281, NP300 

Month 16 
Price: $14.90 
NP301, NP302, NP303, NP304 

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